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Looking for a new web host is not an easy task. It takes a lot of research and knowledge, so I figured some helpful short tips might help you out if you’re on a hunt for a new web host. Here are some guides on looking for a new web host and things you should really prioritize in doing so:

Customer Service

For me, the biggest factor in looking for a web host is if they are someone you can go to in times of trouble, I’d give it a month wherein I’ll be on and off asking questions to my host about this and that. If they answer at least within the day and resolve my tickets on time or at least leave me replies, I’d stick with this host.

Hosting Package

I do not simply trustĀ unlimited hosting packages because I believe in the saying that nothing in this world is unlimited. True enough, most of these hosting that provide this either go down quickly or suddenly would tell me that my account is using too much disk space or bandwidth. It’s rather correct to say, “unmetered” but at the end of the day I try to stay away from these kinds of hosting packages.


My number one go to when looking for a web host is their presence, most important for me is if the host is active in the forumĀ Web Hosting Talk not only for offers but also for discussions. I’ve seen a number of good hosts who are really talking to people there regardless of topic and not for promoting purposes.


Yes of course, costly hosting is a no-no. But I have to tell you this, sometimes you get what you pay for. So paying a lil extra to your hosting provider is not an issue. I mean, what good is a web host if it’s very cheap yet the customer service is so bad? But it’d be great if the price is still reasonable.

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