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Have you ever wanted to contact your friends who own Android Phones, Blackberry Phones and Iphone/Ipod gadgets but you couldn’t because you had different gadgets? Do you want to save money on text messaging but can’t find a solution? Then this is for you!¬†Your search is over because TextFreek is here!


Text Freek


Now, if you have friends using Blackberry even without BBM you can get in touch with them for free. If you have friends who uses Android phones contact them right away! And lastly if you have an iPod Touch like me, you can now send messages and it’s all for free.

Just put in mind that Wi-fi connection and 3G is needed for the process to work. Upon registration, I suggest you also choose to be given a number from TextFreek so you can be messaged by other TextFreek users.

You can also use it with BiteSMS given the fact they’re also the developers of this application. So, head over their website or download them now via iTunes or your downloading station! Their website can be found at textfreek.com

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