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Your gadgets and music combined

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Nowadays, it’s probably a must to be with your gadgets or your smartphones – they keep you sane during boring times and when you want to …


Creating your music digitally

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Nowadays there are many ways to do your own records – which is really great for those who are looking into becoming artists. They can finally …


Looking forward Starmobile Diamond V7

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While grand brands likeĀ Samsung andĀ Apple are up to the challenge of providing advanced smartphones every now and then, many local brands are also providing the same …


When not on your computer

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Too much computer isn’t a good habit. So why not have other things to keep you busy? There are so much to do in this world! …


Pumping the music up : Gear up with a good headphone!

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Music can never be what it is without being heard. However, we don’t really know so much about good headphones that we can pair up with …