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Google, now under Alphabet Inc.

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It was announced that Google is now under another company, named Alphabet Inc. which is also owned by the founder of  Google Inc., Larry Page and Sergey Brin. …

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3 Reasons why you should use Gmail Contacts Sync

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Last few days, I was suddenly obsessed on organizing all contacts on my Android phone, Lime. The reason was because  had mishaps with it once that …

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Sorry for being random.

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So much for my dedicated ips, so much for my happiness that I can relax for days after finally getting graduation stuff done – well, sorry …

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5 Wonders of Google that amaze me

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There are many reasons why I love Google. But today, I will at least give 5 wonders of google that amaze me. So timely, I’m currently …


5 Reasons why Google is loveable!

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I’ll make this short. This are the five reasons why Google is lovable! ONE He makes researching easier and faster, it’s like Google is a super …