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So here’s my month delayed review of Buzz Launcher. I meant to do it earlier but as usual yours truly turned to sleepyhead mode. Moving along, have you guys heard about Buzz Launcher?

I heard about it in the official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Philippines group. I spent an entire month with Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s default Launcher (Touchwiz UI) but I guess I can’t last that long. I didn’t want to root yet so finally I decided to try it as well. Usually I would go with Nova Launcher (plus because I bought its premium version) but I wanted to try something new, I wasn’t disappointed – thanks to Buzz Launcher!

Buzz Launcher screenies from

Buzz Launcher screenies from

Awesome things about Buzz Launcher:

  • Different Wallpapers on each Homescreen Page (yes, each, hence, individually)
  • Light Usage of Ram (Touchwiz took up .5 gigs of mine)
  • Many themes to choose from (called Home Packages) and you can even make yours
  • Can use images as icons
  • Can totally hide status bar (that little part above indicating battery and etc, don’t you wish you can make that disappear sometimes?)
  • Light Battery Usage

What I don’t like about Buzz Launcher (or maybe you too)

  • Does not support Touchwiz Widgets (although most 3rd party Launcher doesn’t anyway..but..)
  • Tedious to setup homescreen (it takes time! If you’re meticulous anyway!)
  • Changing theme to downloaded ones are confusing
  • Lack of App Drawer Customization (If I could at least have different scrolling types and make the icons smaller that’d be great!)

I already pointed out things I don’t like about it but I believe it has a bunch of room for improvements, the app drawer more importantly. I like to be able to hide labels in that part and make the icons smaller. This feature was a favorite in Nova Launcher.

I initially tried this launcher out because my fellow group members said that Nova launcher was the best until Buzz Launcher came. Guess it’s partly true! Now, here are some screenshots of my home screen pages:

scrn1 scrn2 scrn3

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