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It’s been about 4 or 5 months since my Mac’s battery died (and unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to replace it) – with that said, during those said months, I have spent my days not really making much of an effort to be able to get a working laptop at least. However, yesterday, I finally decided and said, “that’s it, I need a laptop to use!”

At home, we actually do have a few unused laptops and a couple of old netbooks. However, since being on Mac, I couldn’t work well in their environments. Some of them were completely not working properly in some ways so this made me feel uninspired to even put an effort in fixing them up…until, I found out about Remix OS a couple of months ago. Of course, I still put it aside since there wasn’t much of a need yet and I was still enjoying myself with my game consoles (for the first time ever I actually spent hours on them and finished a game!)

Going back to yesterday, I finally tried installing Remix OS. It was not hard to download (but could be if you’re with a laptop with a broken keyboard huhu but it fixed itself magically! YAY…unfortunately, I couldn’t install it even after three times of trying. So I was already out of hope into ever getting a proper OS to use (didn’t want to use the existing Windows 7 Ultimate on my dad’s laptop as it was laggy and the HDD had viruses :<)

BUT – I finally gave in and tried Phoenix OS instead. It was listed below Remix OS upon my quick search of “lightweight OS for your laptop”.

Phoenix OS for x86

Phoenix OS for x86


Phoenix OS is an Android OS based on Nougat that can be used as an operating system for computers and laptops.  Here’s a more detailed info from their about us page:

Founded in December 2014 and formerly known as Phoenix Studios, Beijing Excel Technologies was a software technology company whose main product was Window Explorer. Team members from the original Phoenix studio, Qihoo 360, Ali, committed to the Android ecosystem software development, including the use of improved Android experience and Android-based client tools software development.


Amazing, right?


Interestingly and as we know, Android OS is very versatile – allowing you to use a library of applications. As a user of Android for a very long time, I can tell you I’ve got many purchased applications that has been really useful to me, most especially while I’m not on my Mac/can’t be on my Mac so since Android applications are more ‘affordable’, wouldn’t it be nice if you could use them on a desktop/laptop? So, I took this moment to dive into a new world of Android, on laptops/desktops 🙂

Minutes later, we tested installing games – and needless to say it was definitely an experience!

Free Fire on Phoenix OS

Free Fire on Phoenix OS

My Tamagotchi Forever on Phoenix OS

My Tamagotchi Forever on Phoenix OS

I’ll be trying Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp too! I’ve installed it but haven’t actually played because I prioritized applications I needed most.

Like all good things though, there will always be something that won’t work out – after all, this is Android OS which was meant for mobile usage.

Some applications I’ve tried crashed. Applications like Instagram, Facebook and Messenger that tend to be memory hoggers are mostly my problem, fortunately these applications can be used over internet browsers.

We also installed Mobile Legends but I’m honestly not familiar with that. I can say however, that the graphics became more enjoyable plus it’s on a big screen and for gaming, you can also map keys so you won’t have a hard time. With a mouse, surely your games will be no problem to play.

So, what can say?

Well, all I tell myself is why I have not done this earlier!!! It’s such a relief that there’re things like this now since I don’t think I can get many applications if I opted for Linux OSes. For now, I’ll be sticking with Phoenix OS and maybe try BlissOS (another Android OS, but based on Oreo) and happily blog like I used to as well as be able to export photos from my camera without taking too much time and with a mouse – finally!

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