What I got myself for Christmas…

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Last year, I got myself a Playstation Portable. This Christmas time, I got myself a Portable HDD! So now, I can store more stuff! And it’s …


Making Scheduled Post

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It’s a busy day today! Yes, Christmas is tomorrow. So Merry Christmas everyone! From now on, I will be making a scheduled post~ due to the …


Hackers and your blog

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Long time no blog! And obviously, my blogging schedule was wrecked, really really wrecked big time. But I’m back now. It’s just that so many unfortunate …


How to backup a WordPress Blog

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WordPress is a very cool blogging platform for bloggers. Other than it is easy to use, it is also advanced for its plugins and many options. …


The Namecheap Quest!

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In my post earlier, I shared to you my opinion regarding Godaddy and Namecheap. I bet you already have your sides, which do you choose? For …