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About 2 months ago, I got frustrated over my account passwords because there were so many. So, I researched if there was any way to manage them easier all through my gadgets – then, I discovered LastPass.



LastPass is a password manager that lets you keep your passwords and other things without making a mess. They have a free membership but a premium membership of $12.00 lets you sync your passwords with your mobile smartphones.

It’s famous alternative 1Password is pretty expensive so I decided to go with LastPass. After 2 months, I must say, I’m at that point that I can no longer live without LastPass. After all, it does it job to remember what my LastPass is. You can find out more about LastPass in their website >>

LastPass lets you know if you're using a duplicate password.

LastPass lets you know if you’re using a duplicate password.


You can generate unique passwords through LastPass

You can generate unique passwords through LastPass

LastPass Interface/LastPass Vault

LastPass Interface/LastPass Vault


  • Sync to different browsers and devices (Android, Dolphin Browser, Majority of Desktop Browsers)
  • Autologin feature (optional)
  • Autofill feature
  • Multiple accounts for a site (Gmail, Yahoo! etc)
  • Secure Notes
  • Free Membership
  • Affordable yearly premium membership
  • Your passwords are very well encrypted, even the LastPass staff can’t decrypt it


  • Should be just free! But it’s fine, I guess, since I’ve paid already.
  • UI can make a bit more improvement
  • Sometimes it can’t get the passwords I’m trying to save, not sure why


For someone who needs access to a thousand of accounts and passwords, LastPass really lessens the hassle and saves the day. I’m not even halfway saving details to my LastPass account. The price is really affordable comparing it to 1Password no matter how nice that is – its just like purchasing a domain yearly so it’s worth the money! I can’t remember all my passwords of my many accounts at all, since I’ve been online for many years now. Most of all, now that I don’t stick to one computer anymore having 2 netbooks and different gadgets, it’s a must for me to be able to access what I need when I need to. LastPass does it job good 🙂

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