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About 2 months ago, Viber officially released their desktop application which is also available for Mac users. How it didn’t bother me much because I honestly don’t use Viber after I became a user of Kakaotalk.

Today, they also announced that Kakaotalk is now also available for desktop users! It was a great news to wake up to. I just downloaded it as well and I must say it’s nice to finally get your Kakaotalk chat/updates when your phone is away.

Kakaotalk on PC

Kakaotalk on PC



It’s like a dream come true to me. What I notice however is that the smileys are still limited. Well, it was just their first official release so I look forward changes and updates in the future. Way to go, time to Katalk now folks! Download Kakaotalk on your PC now!

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