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Love domains? For a blogger, domaining is one common hobby. For me, I own more than twelve and ten of them I must say are active.

Somehow or in some way, any domain love would find a way to be able to purchase domains at a very affordable price. They want to buy more but spend less like common people do. So they find domain registars that sells domain at a very low price.

Such as that, like Instant Deploy ( but little did they know, INSTANT DEPLOY IS SCAM. I was once a victim of Instant Deploy. Back then, I bought two domains and one of them was a .net. I was ecstatic at first, seeing that there’s no other registrar who would offer $3 for a .net domain right?

Yeah, but after 1 month, the domain won’t work. It was not the host, it was the domain itself. And for some reason, its status using WHO.IS is not “OK” instead, it is pending deletion or something. The natural thing a client would do after dismay is to contact their support, but here’s the greater problem.

Their customer service will never reply decently to you. Nor will you get a refund. An OLD friend of mine was lucky to be able to get a refund though. Paypal will tell you that you purchased something that isn’t a material so you can’t refund. And then they’ll become personal when you start complaining in forums. They say it’s within their rules that you must not tell something bad about them publicly in forums and such. That’s just lame. I also got a hold of their chat live support, and you know what? They made me wait for 5 hours, that way to treat a customer is just very below the belt.

I would say, it was by far one amazing scam. I heard they are still scamming people, so I posted this in my hoping that it could help others to be aware. A fellow victim even made a wordpress blog to warn people too. It’s at he compiled there some forum discussions regarding instant deploy scam, which I have been too (I posted there)

Needless to say, this proves that when you purchase domains, do not just go for the “cheap ones” go with the ones with names already, such as Godaddy or Namecheap. If not, make sure they can be contacted, at least, they will reply when there will be problems.

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