How important is cPanel?

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cPanel is by far the most easiest website management tool I’ve ever ran to. It allows me to do so many things (well, unless your host gets the features.) Once you know all of these only then, you’ll realize how important cPanel is!


Right now my hosting website just got back up, however there’s something wrong with cPanel license. I do hope it gets fixed soon. cPanel is also has a friendly user interface. I’m a proof to that! It was only two years ago when I first saw cPanel and learned how to use it.

In fact, even up to now I know to myself that I haven’t learned most of the features you can with cPanel, but hopefully soon. Do you use cPanel too?


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  1. Connie Myres says:

    I like using the cPanel, too. One time I had to ask for help because I couldn’t find where the Joomla and WordPress stuff was…they were in the Simple Scripts section.

  2. hi, i have a self hosted blog for few months, would it be okay it ask your idea on how i can back up my blog? thanks in advance

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