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Wave – Easier invoices and financing!

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Ever since I started with my small web hosting business, I go on with my invoices manually. I know I should’ve made a system on my …

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Google, now under Alphabet Inc.

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It was announced that Google is now under another company, named Alphabet Inc. which is also owned by the founder of  Google Inc., Larry Page and Sergey Brin. …

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The role of CSS Media Queries

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Web development is becoming more complicated yet amazing each day. Every time, a new branch of technology is introduced and every time, it surprises us on what …

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3 Reasons why CSS frameworks are awesome

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I’ve posted about Bootstrap sometime before but have I told you that it’s not just Bootstrap? There are a bunch more and it’s really great that these have been …

Website Tools is back!

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Remember my old post here? At that time, one of my favorite useful websites didn’t renew their domain and many were pretty clueless what happened to …