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Just another WordPress Update!

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So, have you upgraded? Somehow I feel so different with the new WordPress patch, WordPress 3.2. It still amazes me how often ¬†they update lol. But …

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My battle with SPAMS.

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– After 2 weeks of not deleting my spam mail in my gmail that I mentioned before here a month ago – I have jumping 267 …

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My Experience with Godaddy Customer Service

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What a long title! Anyway, I had a problem with my Paypal account. Last Friday, I received an email that I was deducted $8.17. But I …

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WordPress Upgrade Problem

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In my hosting website, my clients have been complaining that their comments weren’t working. I found out a bit later that the culprit was when they …

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What happened to Reviewme?

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Reviewme is just one of the many websites where I was able to make income from. During summer – when I gained my page rank 3 …