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Facebook Messenger bugs?

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Lately, I’ve been getting repetitive Facebook Messenger issues which are the following: Facebook Messenger keeps on blinking Facebook won’t react, lags and then closes I can …

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Twitter was down for a moment.

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July 27, 2011, 12:58-12:59 am – Twitter was down for a few minutes eh? Not my first time to see it but it’s been awhile since their …

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Bandwidth Limit Exceeded!

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Sometime earlier, I think something came up. Well, it seems that the 1024 mb that I had for the package hosting plan assigned to this blog was …

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Sorry for being random.

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So much for my dedicated ips, so much for my happiness that I can relax for days after finally getting graduation stuff done – well, sorry …

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Still Can’t :(

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HEYYAAHH. Finally can access this blog! Not totally though, it’s like how it was with my other blogs I’ve purchased dedi ips recently. I can only …