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Wave – Easier invoices and financing!

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Ever since I started with my small web hosting business, I go on with my invoices manually. I know I should’ve made a system on my …

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Zoho Mail

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Still looking for a free mail service? I know, nowadays it’s a bit hard ever since Google Apps and Outlook shut down. Fortunately, there are alternatives …

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Looking for high quality IT services

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Today, technology is everywhere in different forms. It could be your smartphone, tablet or maybe your computer. But there’s so much more than these gadgets – …

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Using Google Drive with Mac

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Cloud Services are sprouting from here and there – which one will you choose? They’re definitely helpful in accessing files and getting storage space. One of …

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One of my current favorite applications (for desktop and also mobile) isĀ Evernote. I’ve been wanting to blog about it but always end up not blogging anyway, …