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Page Rank is back!

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It was positive that losing my page rank was due to the DNS problem that happened some weeks ago. I guess I got to thank my …

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You Know you’re a domainaholic when…

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There are obvious symptoms when you are a domainaholic and so I’m sharing this today just to make you aware if you’re wondering. What really are …

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Other techie issues!

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It’s fine being a techie. In fact it’s cool, costly like when a girl goes on a shopping spree but as a techie, have you thought …

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Rilakkuma iPod/iPad/iPhone Button Stickers

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Look at what came in the post office for me about 2 weeks ago I bought this cutesy last April 19, 2012 on eBay. I was …

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Keeping your gadgets and other thing safe during travel

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I just heard that my aunt, who came home a month ago had the karaoke box she bought here broken. It’s very bad. I heard everywhere …