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Let’s Encrypt

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Let’s Encrypt is becoming very popular these days, well, true enough it’s been a really good way to keep websites secure. Thanks to them, we can …

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Zoho Notebook

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Remember my last post about Zoho Mail? Turns out, Zoho Corporation does a lot of other awesome web services – and one of my current favorites …

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Too stay connected with your partner or your family takes a lot of effort. So often, you are all busy with work and other activities – …

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Zoho Mail

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Still looking for a free mail service? I know, nowadays it’s a bit hard ever since Google Apps and Outlook shut down. Fortunately, there are alternatives …

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Southtree: Keep your Memories the Elegant Way

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Everybody loves taking pictures of important events in their lives – graduation, wedding and even birthday parties. All in all they are very memorable. Taken in …