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Just another Google post: Google, evolved!

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Google is no longer just a company but a verb, as they say ­čÖé Imagine how much has changed together with Google and technology for so …

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Google Drive + 3 more GB for Gmail!

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Recently, Google launched their Google Drive. This service competes with Skydrive, Dropbox ┬áand other similar storage services. I haven’t tried it out yet but I can …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and iPad 2

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Awhile ago, we were about to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0┬á(I’m not sure if it’s Plus but most probably) I was still undecided with what …


Ever tried Yoga?

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Even techies┬áneed a break! Too much technology can really do bad to your health. Yesterday, I didn’t go online much since we were also very busy …

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3 Reasons why you should use Gmail Contacts Sync

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Last few days, I was suddenly obsessed on organizing all contacts on my Android phone, Lime. The reason was because ┬áhad mishaps with it once that …