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Facebook Problem: Cannot Interact with Pages

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“Copy and paste these boxes on a comment to this post and see what happens” It all started with a line similar to that, there was …


Mysterious Facebook Invitations in Emails

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Are you an active Facebook user? I’m pretty much the average compared to the hard-core ones who seem to go online on it 24/7. I especially do …

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iOS 6 Features

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Some days ago, I’ve read that iOS 6 is indeed in the works and developers were already seeing traces and bits of the said OS for Apple …


Facebook Deactivation

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I deactivated my Facebook account yesterday evening. I wanted to keep Li-low from Facebook status and I wanted to focus on things I needed to do. I remember …


ADHD Society of the Philippines’ Crusade

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When I got home, I noticed one of my classmates posted a message on my Facebook status – I ignored it at first since I didn’t …