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Giving Tuesday

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I missed the very much awaited Black Friday and Cyber Monday deliberately so I could skip on extra expenses, not that they’re bad (well they are, but a part …


Nokia 808 Pureview

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It’s been a while since I posted about a Nokia phone so I decided to make a post about one of their latest handset – Nokia …

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White Blackberry 9790

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As you all know, I own a Blackberry 9790 that came out last November – December. So far, okay. It gets slow sometimes so I’m thinking …


A website is like a building…

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Have you ever wondered how much anxiety you would feel if suddenly the building you built collapse – and you were that engineer who was behind …


Kids of Today

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Parents of today are probably very problematic because making your kids happy (especially if they’re spoiled) takes a lot of effort and cost. That for some …