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Keeping your gadgets and other thing safe during travel

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I just heard that my aunt, who came home a month ago had the karaoke box she bought here broken. It’s very bad. I heard everywhere …


5 Things to Plan for Winter

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Summer time, I know. But to ease yourself from the heat – why not move forward and think it’s winter, or maybe plan for it. Time …

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Wait what – Youtube service?!

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First, there were Paypal scam emails¬†now, I’m getting one of these Youtube service¬†email saying one of my videos in Youtube is on top list of some …

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For your safety

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I remember hearing that sad news when something went wrong within a construction area near our city – where several people were injured. It was a …

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Garmin Handheld GPS Units

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I’m that person who gets lost easily, and if not, I am very bad with memorizing places – although when I really find a place special …