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Found Cars and Motorcycles Online?

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Often times, we run to online websites when looking for the “newest” and most “updated” things we can buy. We might even find “rare” ones compared …

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At the road?

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Nowadays, it’s more convenient to buy your own transportation vehicle. Other than you can use it anytime, it’s still different when you say “something” is yours. You …


Is Cars 2 showing already?

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Upon Googling, I found out Cars 2 is already showing! Haha. Oh well, I’m not really fan of the movie – haven’t watched the first movie of …


A Core i7 Laptop costs almost like a car.

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I was looking at the laptops being sold on a local country laptop shop’s website. I was saving for a new laptop actually, I want one …


Reckless Truck Drivers

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There are times I don’t like riding vehicles and this is when my dad drives the car recklessly. I don’t know,it’s just that sometimes he drives …