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Occulus Rift: Gaming to the next level

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It seems as if famous anime Sword Art Online is becoming a reality bit by bit. If you don’t know yet, it’s all because of the technology Occulus …


Pixel Story

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I’m currently playing this game called Pixel Story. It’s very much like Tiny Towers but slightly cuter, although I still feel that Tiny Tower much more easy to understand. Also, …

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Microsoft Surface Tablet

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Just yesterday,  Microsoft unveiled their first ever tablet which they call the Microsoft Surface Tablet. According to tech pros, it looks really sleek and something that can be …

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Instagram doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy Y?

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According to a friend Samsung Galaxy Y cannot run Instagram for some reason, up to now I am on a research if there’s any workaround to make it …

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Problem with QuickPull :(

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I know for some of you guys (Blackberry users) you find Quick Pull really helpful. However for some reason it often crashes with my Blackberry. And …