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There’s hype going on lately due to the newest Asus Zenfone which runs on Intel Atom. Many are saying that this beast have awesome features comparable to quadcore biggies even if it’s only a dual core smartphone. What’s your say?

Zenfone 4,5,6 {}

Zenfone 4,5,6 {}

Asus Zenfone comes in three models, Asus Zenfone 5, 6 and 7. It also sports a 13mp back camera and a 2 mp camera for those selfie takers out there. Do you think this can outbeat Samsung and Iphone series? Well, it’s up for the users to decide.

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  1. Jimmy Ahyari says:

    This phone is absolutely amazing for the price. My friend in US paid $200 and bought it off of Amazon. Not currently available in the US, so he was a bit worried that it wouldnt work with his Net10 SIM card. Turns out, it works perfectly and he think he is one of the only Americans to own this handset at this time. Very cool. Looks and feels solid. Great display with an incredible camera. Love the UI. Call quality is superb. Really pleased with his purchase. I envy him :mrgreen:
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