Month: February 2017


When you’re sad

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What do you do when you’re sad? When I am, I don’t really want to do anything. Sometimes, I end up sleeping all day, I get …

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Wave – Easier invoices and financing!

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Ever since I started with my small web hosting business, I go on with my invoices manually. I know I should’ve made a system on my …


Music of your life

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Ever wondered how life would be if we had a background sound for every moment? I’d feel awkward but it could also make me feel upbeat …

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Facebook Messenger bugs?

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Lately, I’ve been getting repetitive Facebook Messenger issues which are the following: Facebook Messenger keeps on blinking Facebook won’t react, lags and then closes I can …


V-day Gift!

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Valentine’s day is here! It’s the perfect time to make use of the internet’s greatest power –¬†shopping online! For starters, checking out the wwbw has gibson …