Month: July 2014


Found Cars and Motorcycles Online?

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Often times, we run to online websites when looking for the “newest” and most “updated” things we can buy. We might even find “rare” ones compared …


Asus Zenfone

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There’s hype going on lately due to the newest Asus Zenfone which runs on Intel Atom. Many are saying that this beast have awesome features comparable to quadcore biggies even …

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New Generation’s assistant for elders

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As much as we want, not all of us have the power to look after our elders 24/7. Some of us have to go to work, …

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Zoho Mail

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Still looking for a free mail service? I know, nowadays it’s a bit hard ever since Google Apps and Outlook shut down. Fortunately, there are alternatives …


Wedding Blues

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A friend of mine is to get married in a month but not totally prepared. I can feel them, it’s because it was too “urgent” and …