Month: July 2013

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PNY Storedge

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I recently blogged about The Nifty MiniDrive for Mac Book Air. Alongside that though, there are actually more alternatives for having an additional space for you Mac Book …


Creating your music digitally

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Nowadays there are many ways to do your own records – which is really great for those who are looking into becoming artists. They can finally …

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Say it better on LINE!

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Kakaotalk maybe my favorite chatting application – it doesn’t mean I don’t try others though. Aside from WeChat I’ve so far tried LINE. Like many others LINE has: Stickers Animated …


Online Radios

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Today, it’s not new that online streaming is something we rely on to. In advanced countries, they even totally rely to it rather than your traditional …

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A summary of my experience with Power Mac Center

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I finally got my Mac Book Air last July 15, 2013 after having it repaired since May 25, 2013. Imagine the long wait I had to do and …