Month: June 2013


All-In-One Desktop Computers

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Tablets and Phablets are flourishing in the market scene in our era today. They’re easier to bring, either big or small or both. They possess simple …


Books for keeps.

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Nowadays, reading books have become easier with the help of technology. Even traditional reading of books because many libraries have already implemented new ways for their …



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Rainy days have started and may come often these coming months. Are you prepared? No one really knows when it will rain and when it pours …


Looking forward Starmobile Diamond V7

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While grand brands like Samsung and Apple are up to the challenge of providing advanced smartphones every now and then, many local brands are also providing the same …


SKK Mobile Silver, bigger, better and more affordable!

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So many Android smartphones are being released, and today, brands are not the highest priority because many are offering more affordable phones with the almost same specs with …