Month: May 2013


5 Tips for buying your next digital camera

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There are several things to consider when shopping for a new digital camera, like many other electronic devices there can be a considerable difference in the …

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3 Reasons why CSS frameworks are awesome

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I’ve posted about Bootstrap sometime before but have I told you that it’s not just Bootstrap? There are a bunch more and it’s really great that these have been …

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BBM coming to Android and iOS

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BlackBerry Messenger is known for its security and exclusivity. However, BlackBerry has finally decided to launch it on other smartphone OS – do you think that’s good or …


Gadget pests!

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Believe it or not, some insects can harm your gadgets and even animals. Naturally we know we should look after our pets at home but did …

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WeChat, you chat!

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Sorry for the lame title. Anyway, most of you guys have probably signed up for this other message/chat service called WeChat. Before I only saw this as …