Month: August 2012


Be Derek’s new Anna!

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Today, internet media is indeed making a lot of improvements. For one, Youtube artists are becoming famous to the point they become celebrities and singers (remember …


The end of Backspace

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Apparently, my boyfriend’s netbook is up to something. I haven’t found out yet its main problem but for one, backspace key is not working. Good thing delete still …


Regular Work Days

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Tomorrow, everyone will be back to their offices. It was good while it lasted. I mean, what could be more awesome than a good night  sleep …

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Page Rank is back!

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It was positive that losing my page rank was due to the DNS problem that happened some weeks ago. I guess I got to thank my …


Self Reminders

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Lately, I’m been neglecting my health and right now I have colds. My colds are more like allergy but the thing is it’s been almost a …