Month: December 2011


Blackberry 9790

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December 24, 2011 My mom and dad bought me my first Blackberry phone (and probably the last, for now!) It’s a Blackberry 9790 which has been just …


Christmas baby!

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I thought I’d never blog but I’m here making a quick post to greet you! Merry Christmas! I hope later the gourmet brownies delivered from a friend will …


A Problem with Sun Broadband Prepaid Plugit

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Failed to get Host IP Address for the WebServer, WebServer not exsisted, or cannot be accessed now. For some reason, whenever I’m using Sun Broadband (which …


Shoutmix going gone?

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While I was restoring my other blog (from being hacked) I noticed this was written on my Shoutmix Box Up in the screenshot (or in this …

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WordPress 3.3

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The new WordPress version is out! I don’t know since when but I upgraded a blog of mine a few days ago, now I also updated …