Month: March 2011


A Kawaii Netbook

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Was googling “cute notebooks” but instead I end up finding this. On my other blog, I posted about pink hello kitty netbook and then after I …

Social NetworkingWebsites

What’s your favorite social networking website?

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Social networking websites are great because it’s where you can interact with other people, some people you know and some others who are new to your …


Hello April!

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Tomorrow is the last day of March so now say hello to April! I can’t believe how time flies. So fast! Anyway, I feel so lazy …


5 Reasons why Google is loveable!

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I’ll make this short. This are the five reasons why Google is lovable! ONE He makes researching easier and faster, it’s like Google is a super …

PeopleSocial NetworkingWebsites

Do you join any forum?

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Forums are like social networking websites. In forums, you meet different people from all over the world. It’s been the first “social networking” and it’s where …