Month: February 2011


Alexa Widget Myth

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According to some, placing an Alexa Widget can be one factor to your Alexa Ranking. Is it true? Well I don’t know. However I am going …


Google Friend Connect

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I recently added GFC, known as “Google Friend Connect” Widget because friend bloggers tell me it’s really neat to have one within your blog. However, I …


New Namecheap Tag line

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Yet again, I transferred a domain to Namecheap. Too bad I didn’t transfer it during their $4 USD transfer Promo! But here’s what I noticed, they …


I’m back!

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Sorry for theĀ absence! I wasn’t really in the mood to blog, but I had ideas of what to post. I will post them all now backwards …

Operating System

4 Things that Windows 7 Starter Lacks

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Due to the fact that I do not want to void the warranty of my netbook, I currently have to stick with Windows 7 Starter. Plus …