Month: December 2010


5 ways to handle multiple blogs

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Owning a blog is fun, you can earn and learn together with it. But it gets hard when you own not just one but multiple blogs. …

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Did WHO.IS Update recently?

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As a blogger and a hosting website owner one of the best tools I use online is the web page By simply dropping by their …


Blogvertise Problems!

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As you all guys know, I am a blogger for Blogvertise with my other blogs. Over the past few days I am very happy they gave …


3 Important Reminders in Choosing a Website Template

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Hi guys! New look for the website! And I so love it. I can’t sleep so instead, I’ll work on this website, get it joined to …


Blogging with Opera Mini 5.1

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Last night, because our internet was out I was browsing online using my Opera Mini 5.1 installed on my Nokia X6 phone. I also managed to …