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Review: Zyma Hosting

It’s a new year, so it’s time for a new review for my trusted hosting companies and yep you read it right – I’m doing one today for Zyma Hosting. For the record, they’re one of the hosting companies I’ve been with for about 2 years or more (but on different hosting accounts)

Zyma Hosting

Zyma Hosting

About the company

Zyma.com launched in 2010 is quickly becoming the No.1 choice for web hosting services on the internet. Our multi-award winning web hosting package offers the most attractive and comprehensive features for one the best prices on the internet.

Okay, I copied that – truthfully but I dug up my emails and saw that I first had my hosting account from Zyma Hosting way back January 2011. So meaning to say, I’ve been with them 2 years indeed. It was that time that I was very problematic with one of my hosts. I can’t remember where but I’ve probably read about them somewhere Web Hosting Talk then I signed up after hours of research in the said forum (or I maybe confused where I heard about them) but needless to say – would you believe after my purchase I also won a hosting account with their contest! (Giving me a couple of accounts! That was on different servers)

I was hosting back then a minor website, then after some time I decided to host a few major websites. Some time my second year, there were a once or a couple of downtime with their server. I was pretty nervous because they weren’t updating us, but later found out they were working hard on bringing up our websites. Fortunately I had back-ups so I had to move away some of my sites from there – but wait, there’s more!

Ever since that said down time, I must say they’ve improved because honestly – Zyma Hosting is one of the most stable host I’ve been with. And I guess I trusted my hunch the first time I signed up with them. If you would observe, they have a very professional website layout. It’s not just what you see from the home page as well because they also have a customized client area which makes handling accounts seamlessly.

Then come again, I won another hosting account with another of their contest, I also signed up another hosting account for a shop I was supposed to build up. I kept track of my websites using Uptime Robot and among all my sites under Zyma Hosting were always up about 95-100%.

And now, my accounts are to expire this May but I’m thinking of renewing or getting a new account because what I like about Zyma Hosting is the stability or uptime. But here, I decided to make a rating for most of the important points!

Customer Service

Their customer service is superb, whenever I have a question it gets a decent answers and they answer within 24 hours. However, if you are pretty impatient you’ll probably get nowhere. I liked their live chat! I remember asking them a few questions and it was answered right away. So, I give their customer service 8/10 (just had to minus a bit because of the mishap from before, but all is  good now!)

Uptime Stability

I wish I could give it a 10/10, but I’ll have to give a 9/10. There’s no such thing  as 100% uptime after all and all websites can go down from time to time. But based on my experience with them I think there were only a couple of downtimes and that’s for my 2 years with them. Imagine that!

Limitations and Features of Account

As usual of hosting companies, you are given a cPanel to use with ease and so much more. Their cPanel also has many features and premium softwares compared to others so it’s a thumbs up for me especially when I tried to use Cloudflare! So, that’s thumbs up! My concern with their service however is that add-on for websites is a bit limited. At current, they only let you have 3 add-on domains. But you know, this is also a precaution because some users tend to use up too much of what they have causing abuse to the server. I totally understand this, there’s no such thing as unlimited in this world and limited is better because it gives you better performance. I know this as a hosting reseller myself 🙂

Another of my concern is with the usage of nameservers. From a friend, I heard her account got suspended because she was not using the nameservers as Zyma Hosting had given. They have this strict rule that you need to use given nameservers for your domain. Now, I don’t know why that is really but there are some people who like using their personal nameservers too so that may conflict if you’re one of those and if you’re hosting your domain on a different server while hosting others with your account with them. Needless to say, it really isn’t much of a deal. Overall, I’ll give them another  8/10 for this.


Pricing for the first year of a shared hosting account is 4.95 GBP or 8 USD or so.For the uptime they have, I really wouldn’t complain for that and for the features you can get with an account with them. However, on the second year I feel it’s a bit pricey. I always end up signing up for a new account whenever I’m having second thoughts with renewing with them – which usually happens every time I win a hosting account (which I hope I can do again maybe)

Website Interface/Website Management

I add this to let you know how unique their website is made. They have a customized client area as well as a ticket area which isn’t your typical WHMCS. Not really sure what they use but it’s one of the reasons I find them appealing, even their live chat service. And they also have a friendly live chat representative and website interface. 9/10 is my rating for this!

Payment Modes

You can pay with Paypal, the most convenient and also other payment gateways which is really hassle-free. So that’s 10/10!


Up to this point, whenever someone asks me of a good shared hosting company I always mention Zyma. It’s only a shame I never got to tell them to add up my email to get referrals (I probably have made about 4-5 friends sign up but I don’t tell them to put my email) that could have been months of extension with great Zyma Hosting 🙂

Zyma Hosting also throws fun contests via their twitter which can even win you hosting accounts! I’ve won twice now so there’s no doubt how interactive they are as well with their customers. Their twitter account even tweet tips for web development and web design which I usually read as well.


Overall, to me their uptime is great and you’ll be hassle free. Just remember to make your own back-ups anyway since that’s still important whether your host is awesome like Zyma or something else! I hope this helps!

Back on Track and UptimeRobot!

I haven’t been posting anything ‘techy‘ instead, I have been posting loads of personal stuffs here. I’m sorry! But anyway, I make up for that today. And actually, my desktop is full of to-posts for JQ. I was not supposed to make a new post as well because I was going to move my websites from Hostgator to my new hosts. But what the heck!

My Shared Hosts!

Now, a picture above is a screenshot of my UptimeRobot dashboard for my shared hosting accounts. I was really happy because all of them are showing up 100%! I know that there are some instances that services like UptimeRobot might be inaccurate, but at least, it’s close to the real deal right?

At current, as you can see – I’m hosted by Zyma (my first ever 100% uptime host even without the server monitor) of Zyma.com, comes next is Host1me (host1me.com) owned by a good friend and web designer Soulmenj (soulmenj.com), lastly HostMantis (hostmantis.com) who provides really affordable hosting plan prices! They were recommended by Ate Ana, also known as _geekgirl in Twitter another hosting addict! (I forgot her domain, but I’ll post about it some time in the future)

Honestly, my shared hosting hosts really are good! Other than the price and up time. I just need to work on the backups but I haven’t studied how Rsync works. And if I’ll be able to use it in them.

As for UptimeRobot or uptimerobot.com they’re an awesome website/server monitoring service! Even better, they’re 100% free and you can setup as much as 50 monitors! I originally find out about it on WHT (webhostingtalk) when I was looking for something to check server status of my Resellers (for my clients) I failed to find one like that on WHMCS but at least I found UptimeRobot.

With their service, you can easily setup your monitors (done with a few clicks, no need to be asked by passwords and such like HyperSpin) they also monitor custom ports, but the most important for me are ports 80 (HTTP), 21 (FTP) and POP3 (110).

You will be notified if any down time occurs either via Twitter or your Email. As for me, I set it to update me via email since I have it connected on my phone. I tried the Twitter setup but it looked rather, spammy to my direct message box so I disabled it.

I hope soon they’ll have the widget option! I will surely love that. I tweeted and asked em about it because it’s what I’m looking for to display on my hosting website for my customers. I hope they’ll have it soon and that they’ll stay free even so.

Anyway, that’s a wrap for today!

Zyma Hosting

Have I told you that I recently purchased a yearly plan for Zyma Hosting?

Yes I did! For $8.07 I bought their unlimited plan for a year. Remember, I was looking for a host I could try so whenever my other host is down I can rely to it. And you know what? I don’t regret having bought one.

Cheap Web Hosting Services from Zyma

At first, I was actually dismayed because when I bought a domain for my boy friend I was going to addon it on my Zyma Hosted website. But I found out I couldn’t AddOn because it had “0” addon domains for me. However, after I recently answered their survey, where someone is supposed to win 2 free months of hosting. I guess I was given Unlimited Addons as well. I hope this is for real! I hope it’s not for 2 months or something. I did check their website again and saw that Unlimited Addons was included:

Unlimited Addons! <3 Yay!

Or maybe, before, they had a mistake with my hosting plan setup? Oh my this is confusing. I guess I should just talk to a rep via chat now. I did so before I bought a plan 🙂 You know, maybe there is a better host other than Hostgator. I suggest you check out Zyma Hosting because their plan is very affordable. Plus their cPanel addons are very complete that SEO tools are even included!

My next websites will be hosted there I guess. By the way, if you’re wondering why I have a Zyma Hosting plan, I’m going to host there my new tutorial website – mywebsitetutorials.info It’s just that I’ve been tied up with hosting clients’ errands lately, it’s 80% done! So hopefully, I can start doing that website tutorial site soon and update here. I have lots of lost update here, because it’s been over a week since I posted. See the posts when you come back 🙂

UPDATE: As of January 26, 2011 – Zyma Hosting promo of $8.07/year Unlimited Hosting is over. But they still have a new good offer – Unlimited Hosting for 1.79 GBP or $2.85 per month. Still an amazing offer if you ask me 🙂