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WordPress 3.4.1

Version 3.4.1 addressed some security issues and fixed 21 bugs. For more information, see the release notes.

Yes, apparently there’s another WordPress update out. So you should update your wordpress blogs now to stay secured. Also, don’t forget to make sure your wordpress files aren’t using chmod 777 for file permissions, it will mean lots of trouble because it makes your wordpress files vulnerable to nasty hackers.

To update, simply click the link at the upper part of your wordpress dashboard (wp-admin) and then you’re set! Make sure to back up too, just in case 😉

Wordpress Update 3.4.1

WordPress Update 3.4.1

Updating your wordpress site or blogs is essential because really, hackers take advantage of the bugs that are in the previous versions.

WordPress 3.3.1

Is it me, or WordPress updated again? I remember I have already updated this. Anyway, I won’t stress over that. I see the reason they’ve updated is because to fix bugs and errors. Just like how buildings are made strong, so you go to choose good companies to have a steel building that will be very suitable for your establishments.

Like that, blog platforms are built with dedication and passion. Am I correct? And that’s why WordPress updates everytime, for us, users and they want the best out of WordPress!

Well, just saying – plus that I haven’t updated for awhile 😉

WordPress 3.1.4

Just updated JQ to the latest WordPress 3.1.4. I’m not sure if it was yesterday that it was given out but I upgraded my other blogs yesterday as well 🙂

It’s important to update every time because most of the time, WordPress updates are meant for security purposes and of course some plugins that were updated might not work anymore if you don’t update the main platform, right?

But before you upgrade don’t forget to make a backup of your files just to make sure everything’s safe – after all, it is always important to have back ups all the time. Upgrade your WordPress now 🙂