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Things to remember before you build your own website!

Owning a website is something you can either take seriously or jokingly. LOL, I mean, you have to decide if you’ll really put attention to it or if it’s just for fun. You see, not everyone blogs or build up websites just for one but there are some! Most of them are beginners. However, if you want to take your dreams of having a website into a higher level, then these tips will help you. So before you make a website…

1. Always plan things out, choose the main topic of your website!

There are personal blogs, commercial websites and so on. You’ve got to choose one of these IF YOU REALLY WANT the real thing. Random blogs/websites aren’t bad though, since that’s why there’s an option for you to categorize things (especially with WordPress). It will be good if you also decide on what the website contents will be so you won’t have a hard time updating!

2. Who will host your website?

Since I talked about hosting in my previous post, I hope you had read that. Think of where you will host your website, will you go with free hosting or high end hosting? Well, it’s up to you. But doing so always think of how important it will be to you  – the uptime, the services and the clients or readers.

3. What domain or website name?

Think of a name that rings a bell! I mean, a name that will leave a mark in readers’ mind and a domain name that is not hard to remember. Two-Worded domains are more likely than three to five worded domains since they’re pretty confusing!

4. What platform will be using?

There is WordPress and then also Blogspot. Joomla is to check too, there are many CMS to use and try. I prefer WordPress though if it’s for blogging! Choose what suits you and what you feel will help you in managing your website content, not confuse you!

5. Who will read your website content?
Of course, think of your readers and visitors. They’re one of the main ingredient to keep your website running! If you’ve got boring contents instead of fun ones and informative ones then that’s a problem. They are important if you want to make a name online, so, put up a website with useful contents for everyone!

Well, til here! I hope this helps you and feel free to share your tips and thoughts about this matter 🙂