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My other new host: Network Panda

Despite the fact that I own my own reseller accounts, I still choose to host some of my sites to other hosts because I want to avoid the headache of having to suffer when you have all your sites in one host. Thus also the reason my reseller hosting accounts resides in different servers, I really research on my hosting providers and when I’ve felt the ‘hunch’ I give them ago. So far, with shared hosting sites I haven’t had much of problems.

But I’m going to transfer in a bit to a new host from my beloved Zyma. If you must all know, I’ve been with them quite some time now and I host there some personal websites. However, their renewal for the hosting is quite out of my reach. So, I’ve been hunting down alternatives at WebHostingTalk as usual.

There are many offers, Crocweb, HawkHost, Geekstorage, StableHost – which I all want to try, however, they have this sort of contract thing that even if you pay monthly your account needs to be there for three years and if not they require making a call which I’m don’t particularly like (this is with StableHost) but I know these are good companies.So I went on for days until I found a post by Network Panda.

Please don’t laugh when you find out that one of the reasons I chose them is because I remembered my best friend who was a fan of pandas. But anyway, so far, my beginning is great with them and I hope it will go on and on.

I saw their host IPs as well posted over their thread so I tested which went good with my ISP and voila, I made the right choice! Thing is, it instantly propagated on my end unlike with my resellers and I also got to install WordPress smoothly. Yay for me. Now I just need to do my back-ups and restorations by tomorrow, I’m going to put up one of my busy sites there as it has a really good plan for bandwidth and the diskspace is also just as good.

So, this is to a new adventure here and I hope Network Panda and my sites will be friends for a long time 🙂

UCWeb Mobile Browser

When Nokia X6 was my only wifi mobile gadget, UCWeb Mobile Browser was my buddy. I would stay up late in the morning hanging out at WebHostingTalk. Haha. Those were the days.

UCWeb Mobile Browser is really cute with its available themes, and I don’t know if it’s me who got fed up with Opera Mini. But I find it more comfortable to use. Too bad it isn’t available on iPod Touch.

I hope I’ll be able to use it often while at school, once I get decent internet on my Nokia X5 or Nokia 5310. I love Nokia so much but ze internet is costly.

Back on Track and UptimeRobot!

I haven’t been posting anything ‘techy‘ instead, I have been posting loads of personal stuffs here. I’m sorry! But anyway, I make up for that today. And actually, my desktop is full of to-posts for JQ. I was not supposed to make a new post as well because I was going to move my websites from Hostgator to my new hosts. But what the heck!

My Shared Hosts!

Now, a picture above is a screenshot of my UptimeRobot dashboard for my shared hosting accounts. I was really happy because all of them are showing up 100%! I know that there are some instances that services like UptimeRobot might be inaccurate, but at least, it’s close to the real deal right?

At current, as you can see – I’m hosted by Zyma (my first ever 100% uptime host even without the server monitor) of Zyma.com, comes next is Host1me (host1me.com) owned by a good friend and web designer Soulmenj (soulmenj.com), lastly HostMantis (hostmantis.com) who provides really affordable hosting plan prices! They were recommended by Ate Ana, also known as _geekgirl in Twitter another hosting addict! (I forgot her domain, but I’ll post about it some time in the future)

Honestly, my shared hosting hosts really are good! Other than the price and up time. I just need to work on the backups but I haven’t studied how Rsync works. And if I’ll be able to use it in them.

As for UptimeRobot or uptimerobot.com they’re an awesome website/server monitoring service! Even better, they’re 100% free and you can setup as much as 50 monitors! I originally find out about it on WHT (webhostingtalk) when I was looking for something to check server status of my Resellers (for my clients) I failed to find one like that on WHMCS but at least I found UptimeRobot.

With their service, you can easily setup your monitors (done with a few clicks, no need to be asked by passwords and such like HyperSpin) they also monitor custom ports, but the most important for me are ports 80 (HTTP), 21 (FTP) and POP3 (110).

You will be notified if any down time occurs either via Twitter or your Email. As for me, I set it to update me via email since I have it connected on my phone. I tried the Twitter setup but it looked rather, spammy to my direct message box so I disabled it.

I hope soon they’ll have the widget option! I will surely love that. I tweeted and asked em about it because it’s what I’m looking for to display on my hosting website for my customers. I hope they’ll have it soon and that they’ll stay free even so.

Anyway, that’s a wrap for today!