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Page Rank is back!

It was positive that losing my page rank was due to the DNS problem that happened some weeks ago. I guess I got to thank my hosting client. I actually haven’t really focused much on page ranks and all because I’m trying to practice creating wordpress themes and some of its other functions, css3 and what not. I’ve been posting too much personal stuff I see, I’ll just make up for it some other time! To avoid such problems, I already added this blog to Google Webmaster Tool because it seems useful. I already forgot it exists actually, I only had one wordpress blog there (which was left unverified). This one’s verified now though.

5 Wonders of Google that amaze me

There are many reasons why I love Google. But today, I will at least give 5 wonders of google that amaze me. So timely, I’m currently organizing my contacts which is synced to my Android phone, which I will also sync to my iTouch and Blackberry phone.

1. Search Engine, Page Rank,Google Adsense

I discovered a lot of things because of Google’s ever powerful search engine. I know Yahoo! Search Engine existed earlier than it did but when my mom told me Google gives better information back then when I was young, there was something that really made me trust Google compared to it. Other than it’s job giving you information, page rank exists to let you know which sites are trust worthy and also, make money out of it. Not to forget Google Adsense is also here that leads you to other potential websites of relevant topics, also bring a huge money for SEO practitioners.

2. Gmail, Gtalk

Okay, it doesn’t mean I don’t love my Yahoo! email but admit it – Gmail has so much greater use than Yahoo’s email. It’s more user friendly, and right now, I am loving the option to sync contacts. I wish I did this before earlier. The Gtalk is also nice, I don’t use Yahoo! Messenger as much as before too. Other than that, I can also connect my domain emails through it with a little tweak in the settings, and as well as use them as emails whenever I want to, just as long as they’re set as aliases.

3. Google+

I’m not a fan of this feature much, in fact I’ve been deleting all my Google+ accounts. What my plan actually is to create a new one formally (I had to many active accounts!) The features are awesome though, especially because it also has web conferencing that’s very useful for people who want to keep in touch even if they’re apart from one another with no need of installing a standalone software and open it all the time (referring to Skype)

4. Google Chrome

I used to be more of a Mozilla Firefox fan but after awhile I started using Google Chrome more compared to it. So now, it’s my main browser! It could be faulty some times, but it’s easy to use especially after the applications came along! Installing was easy-peasy. You can even play Angry Birds and other games in it.

5. Android OS

Need I say more?  Ever since this smartphone OS phenomena, everything in the mobile world has leveled up. The games, the productivity applications, the automatically syncing of contacts, calendar and other services came in which is really handy. And there’s so much more possibilities that are continuing to be discovered.

Google Update in a snap!

Google updated for the 2nd time this month. It’s really weird. Sadly one of my websites lost its page rank. I feel very sad. Kinda makes me want to stop my plans for that site hmmm…

Google is so unpredictable lately. Grr. Well I hope the next update, my sites will increase its page rank. I hope so! I’m working so hard on them. But I guess I’ve been lacking when it comes to commenting to other bloggers’ blogs which is a factor.

So, congratulations to those who gained/improved page ranks! May we all earn more money online! Take care then!

Blogvertise Problems!

As you all guys know, I am a blogger for Blogvertise with my other blogs. Over the past few days I am very happy they gave me lots of tasks for the new blogs I submitted, but up to know I keep getting this error…

Error 1: Sorry grab bag task has since been taken by another user and is no longer available.

You see, I log in my account, then I have my 5 blogs with a grab bag task and yet I can’t get it. This is the part I hate most with Blogvertise, they should put an indicator or something because other bloggers disappointed especially with this one, the task I can see yet can’t accept is a $20 task!!! How sad for me 🙁

It happened to me before with 1 blog, and then for that I had 7 tasks I could grab but I couldn’t grab any! It’s so sad for me. I need money badly right now. And they haven’t replied to my question yet, I had a task days ago which I did but was rejected because my blog was pagerank 2 and their required pagerank was pagerank 3. Before I did it I asked the staff if I could work on it and she said yes, then they rejected it!

But I really can’t do anything now. I hope I get more tasks, I need them a lot these days.