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Shopping Online: Avoiding the Christmas Hassle

Nowadays, you can buy many things online – from clothes to gadgets and even food! In fact, you can save more on these rather than the real thing except only if you’re going to have problems with shipping fees.

Shopping time!

What if you can buy things online instead?

For Christmas, you can already buy Sexy Short Dresses online unlike before so it’s not a hassle anymore. It’s very useful especially for Christmas time, the season of gifts. No need to rush to the mall, no need to go on panic buying on Christmas eve. It’s all in the tip of your fingers now. Whomever came up with online shopping is a genius indeed.

Time to shop for new collections!

Since it’s New Year, you might as well spend some time shopping on a weekend. It could be great to buy new clothes while giving your old ones (just in case you don’t like them anymore)

There are plenty of shops that are on clearance sale where you can find good deals, such as this one for Shoei VFX-W which sounds good for someone who just bought a new motorcycle. It’s better safe than sorry after all.

What can I say, Happy New year it is!

7 Truths About Going Online

So far, I have been online for almost 4 to 5 years of my life (estimated). I’m not saying that I’m a pro, but I’d like to share what I’ve been through and my thoughts about the online world!

#1: Looks can fool you

There are two scenarios that this applies:

a. Pictures of your so called “online friends” – call me protective but there are times that I make really sure the person adding me in Facebook and other social networking websites are for real. At least, I check pictures. There are hundreds of posers and fake sicko people in social networking websites so you better be aware!

b. Websites – Layouts looking professional and good? Well NOT ALL OF THEM ARE TO BE TRUSTED. I’ve been to INSTANT DEPLOY and I’ve experienced great doom.

#2 On Shopping Online…

You should not just buy as soon as you see you see the item on ebay (or any other store) it is best you contact the seller FIRST. Be-friend them, this way they will feel you’re both somehow connected. Then, if there will be problems you’ll find it easy to ask for help.

#3 On Website Hosting

Right now, I have 6 different Hosting sites for my websites. LoL. But yeah, here are my tips on choosing website hosting:


b. Uptime is important, at least 90% is okay!

c. Nothing is UNLIMITED with online hosting, but then you can assume they are UNLIMITED!

#4 On Buying Domains

If you like buying domains, just like in buying stuff COUPONS are your weapons. In Godaddy, I get a lot of $1.17 – $1.18 Domains, however PATIENCE is a must. Same with Namecheap!

#5 On Joining Contests!

I have joined several contests and so far I’ve won about three times. I haven’t won hard cash though. BUT it doesn’t mean joining contests isn’t fun. In fact, by joining a lot of contests you get greater chances of winning because perseverance can make you win! Trying and trying makes you inevitable!

#6 Trust no one

Do not give out important things about you OR important details such as passwords, real life stories or so not that I don’t share my life to my online friends. BUT there are PEOPLE WHO WILL USE THIS AGAINST YOU because along the way, like in real life there will be ONLINE FRIENDS who will fool you, use you and stab you in the back. Been there – SAD I KNOW, but life is like that.

#7 You can’t go online 24/7

Most of people think I can go online 24/7. Well that’s not NORMAL! Haha I guess, for me. Sometimes however, it is good you take “OFF” from going online to reflect on things going on your offline life. Sometimes, going online can be to much especially if you’re thinking about too many things.