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CFW Symbian Anna 7.5 by Spanish Latino

I recently re-flashed my Nokia X6 to another CFW because for some reason, I couldn’t access my contacts – it would show that it can’t access the phone memory. It was also timely because I wanted to upgrade and along with CFW Symbian Anna 7.5 that I saw, you’ll be upgraded to version 4.0 firmware.

CFW Symbian Anna by Symbian Latino

CFW Symbian Anna by Symbian Latino

The following are the detailed informations on which improvements are included in the CFW:

  • New RAM memory optimization (Exclusive)
  • Tap Unlock with notifications enabled
  • New Web Browser v7.3 with lower toolbar
  • New Install Server correcting problems when installing some applications
  • Desk with original transparent Widgets Symbian Anna (Exclusive)

and many more. If you want to found out more and how to do it check this post from Symbian Tweet.

My Review:

Nokia X6 on CFW Symbian Anna by Symbian Latino

Nokia X6 on CFW Symbian Anna by Symbian Latino

So far, I am loving this CFW for my Nokia X6, however, there are times that conversation becomes laggish –that is whenever I reach 100+ conversations and also when replying. I use RamBlow to cleanup the memory. It goes perfectly with daeva112’s Shiny Black Mini combined with application Menu Grid.

Since some s60 5th devices like mine does not get an update to be upgraded to Symbian Anna or Belle I think this is a good way to let users somehow ‘feel’ the interface.

I think this is available for most S60 5th Devices from Nokia, just make sure your firmware is compatible through the link above that goes to Symbian Tweet. If you do not know, you can check the code at the back of your mobile phone and through dialing *#0000#.


Just totally random.

I haven’t blogged much, but at the back of my mind I have been wanting to blog about so many techy things I have experienced and that have happened – since I finally had my iPod, my Android Phone and my dream phone Nokia X5; even with my awesome Nokia X6! Either way, I have to put them aside for now even if I want to blog so badly because I need to do other things first for my future, you get what I mean.

But even so, I still think about random stuff. Like diet pills, because a friend has been telling me about this medication she’s taking that is helping her slim down. I wonder if it’s true? Oh well! Why not try? Haha, when I get money lols. I’m sleepy too now, I slept 5 am because of writing notes and also doing an assignment. Overall, it was worth it because I understood our lessons. Except that I didn’t managed to do so good in our practical test, I think all of us haven’t at all lol.

Planning to buy an HTC Phone?

HTC Phone

My friend just got her Blackberry Curve and she says features are really cool especially if you’re the ‘social’ type in the interwebs. I want one too however I just recently purchased an iPod Touch and Nokia X5. So, it means I can’t buy yet because for one, I don’t have money yet and for another my mom might kill me because I buy too many gadgets. But seriously if I had the chance I’d buy a complete set, I want to have a smartphone htc, a blackberry phone, a samsung android. The famous ones. I hope my wallet permits. lol.

Samsung Corby S3653W

My dad bought a Samsung Corby S3653W on April 17, 2011 when we were at SM Mall of Asia hunting for the cover that mom needed for her Blackberry. It was really timely because the sale was only until April 17, 2011! Great isn’t it?


Samsung Corby S3653W

Actually, I didn’t like Corby before because I thought it was limited (I’m a Nokia person, you know) but when I saw the actual interface with my dad’s corby I was impressed.

It has a camera with 2 MP and my favorite feature is the sliding menus. Unlike Nokia’s their menus slide to the left or right. With my Nokia X6, it’s only up and down lol.

You got to love their fabulous designs too, it comes with a free back case (2, one original and the other depends on your liking). The pink one must be really cute!

What I really want though is an Nokia X5 because it’s really cute. But I think they’re not available in our country yet 😛

Nokia X6

Because my laptop is broken, I can’t go online 24/7 as much as I did before. And it’s sad. Luckily, I have my Nokia X6 with me!

Nokia X6

I got my Nokia X6 last year. I love it for its superb functions, and because it is an S60 5th Edition phone – meaning, I can install lots of applications! I had to learn about certifications and stuff but it’s totally worth it.

It is also 3G and Wifi Enabled. Thus, I can surf anywhere as long as there is Free Wifi! It’s also helpful when I’m at school and now that my laptop is broken, it helps me check my emails, facebook and twitter easily.

Can you imagine what new cellphones can now do? Awesome!