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A collection of mini phones

In summary, I have finally met some of the “smallest” phones. And they’re just amazingly cute and awesome. They all have their unique abilities and unique cuteness.

Mini Phones!

Mini Phones!

My hand is about 7 inches. And you can tell now how small they are. The best of them would be my Sony Xperia ST15i (white phone there) because boasts high specs compared to the other ones with it in the picture. The Nokia X5 and Motorola Flipout are also handy and internet capable so they’re also neat. I love these phones! 🙂

Motorola Flipout

This isn’t a brand new smartphone but it really got my attention for one:

  1. It’s small (about the size of my Nokia X5, only smaller I think – 2 cm)
  2. It’s an Android Phone with 600 Mhz cpu, only the version is pretty late – Eclair)

However, I don’t think it’s still available in our country. Although I’m planning to get it for my mom (hopefully) through Amazon.

Motorola Flipout

Motorola Flipout

Motorola Flipout Specs

Motorola Flipout Specs

Based on it’s specs, it’s ideal for those who aren’t really much of the techie side and the gaming. With it’s processor, it won’t be able to handle much really, for simple browsing, emails and basic applications though it would do. It also has an FM radio! Wow. It isn’t pretty bad actually with this cute appearance it has.

Purchasing from Nokia Ovi Store

As I mentioned before, I’ve been hooked to my Nokia X5 again. Aside from these I’ve discovered how to purchase from Nokia Ovi Store a few months ago. In our country, Philippines – they don’t really allow usage of Visa Cards like how it was with iTunes. So it’s pretty much of a hassle. Not even by Gcash or Smartmoney. But somehow near, I guess.

I purchased 3 themes which I will also introduce for my Nokia X5 website, Strawberried (strawberried.net) but it’s not open yet. Sorry. Among all my purchased themes though, my favorite is Dino.

Dino Theme from MMMOOO

Dino Theme from MMMOOO

This is from MMMOOO, I also bought the Blackberry version of this but you know, it’s wayyyy better in Nokia. Why oh why? I wish they ported those cute icons. The colors blend in well so much. Just perfect for my candy phone!

To purchase from Nokia Ovi Store

1. Create your Nokia Ovi Account (you will be asked upon log in Nokia Store)

You can also check this through Options -> Sign in/Register -> Settings

2. Just follow the instructions. The key here is to make sure you’ve filled up what your primary phone number is

and that you’ve selected Phone Bill as your payment gateway during your account setup.

3. Load up your phone with load and of how much you’re gonna need (Autoload, Smart eLoad)

4. At Nokia Ovi Store, simply purchase or hit buy. Your load will be deducted of how much the application or theme you bought is.


That simple! However, it’d really be much better if purchases using Visa Cards and Master Cards were possible. Even Gcash and Smartmoney would do.

Just totally random.

I haven’t blogged much, but at the back of my mind I have been wanting to blog about so many techy things I have experienced and that have happened – since I finally had my iPod, my Android Phone and my dream phone Nokia X5; even with my awesome Nokia X6! Either way, I have to put them aside for now even if I want to blog so badly because I need to do other things first for my future, you get what I mean.

But even so, I still think about random stuff. Like diet pills, because a friend has been telling me about this medication she’s taking that is helping her slim down. I wonder if it’s true? Oh well! Why not try? Haha, when I get money lols. I’m sleepy too now, I slept 5 am because of writing notes and also doing an assignment. Overall, it was worth it because I understood our lessons. Except that I didn’t managed to do so good in our practical test, I think all of us haven’t at all lol.

UCWeb Mobile Browser

When Nokia X6 was my only wifi mobile gadget, UCWeb Mobile Browser was my buddy. I would stay up late in the morning hanging out at WebHostingTalk. Haha. Those were the days.

UCWeb Mobile Browser is really cute with its available themes, and I don’t know if it’s me who got fed up with Opera Mini. But I find it more comfortable to use. Too bad it isn’t available on iPod Touch.

I hope I’ll be able to use it often while at school, once I get decent internet on my Nokia X5 or Nokia 5310. I love Nokia so much but ze internet is costly.