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Nokia Ovi Messenger

Lately, I’ve been tinkering with my Nokia X5 (Strawberry) which led me to download/buy new themes over Nokia Ovi Store at the same time, I had to open my Nokia Ovi account. Little did I know, I had two..actually, three! I forgot the password to the other one.

Nokia Ovi Logo

Nokia Ovi Logo

But it led me to thinking…why didn’t we use the Nokia Ovi Messenger so much? It’s almost the same with BBM and iMessage after all. In fact, it came before iMessage. The only time I used it (with my first account with Nokia Ovi) was last year July (same time I got my Nokia X5) with a close friend. But eventually, we didn’t chat much. The @ovi.com address is pretty neat. My boyfriend owned a Nokia C3 back then as well but it’s not just really his type loading up for subscription which is partly a reason. Nevertheless, I would be happy to use it sometime…the only thing is I have no one to chat there right now anyway.

Use Nokia C3’s Ovi / Communities

When Christian got his Nokia C3, I was so excited to borrow it more than he was. Haha! I was really wanting to test and know how Nokia C3 works. Well, you know me I love tweaking and stuffs. Anyway I found out that it was just the same with all Nokia S40 phones, only, with more twist.

The only problem was however was with the connection with Wifi. Once you receive your GPRS/MMS settings, it will be very hard to connect to Wifi, you can only do so in selected applications. So, I decided to share this technique of how I was able to fix his – now he can use wifi whenever there is wifi  and when there’s none he can normally use his internet provided by Globe/TM.

The problem with upgrading Ovi

You can’t open OVI Store to download applications if you can’t upgrade to the new version. The problem however, is that it opens your native browser that uses your network connection and not your wifi. What do you do? Well this is what I did with his phone.

1. Go to Settings

2.  Go to Connectivity

3.  Go to WLAN

4. Scroll down to “Internet Connection”

5. Now choose “Ask first

This is to make sure you are asked what internet to use, if you’ve already paired your Nokia C3 to your wifi connection available, it will be one of your choices.

Sometimes, other applications need to be downloaded using the native browser and you won’t be able to (but you can if you look for the settings of your native browser, you can set there a personal config to be used which will be taught below)

There are two tricks you might need in case that alone won’t work.

1. Go to Settings.

2. Configuration

3. Go to “Default Config. Settings

3. Choose your access points (highlight)

4. On the left button, you’ll see “Options

5. It will prompt you to choose between “Set as default” and “Delete”

6. Delete your access point.

– The downside of this trick however, is that when you’re out and you want to use your mobile internet, it won’t work. Because you’ve deleted the settings. Downloading the settings again will again make you unable to browse using wifi.

So, you can do this instead.

1. Go to Settings

2. Configuration

3. Scroll down and go to “Personal Settings

4.  Click “Options” with left button

5. Add New, choose “Web” (choosing Access Point might work, but I haven’t tried)

6.  You will be asked some details,  you can choose your own Account Name or stick with default “My Web

7. Scroll down and see if “Use preferred access pt.” says No

8.  Then you’ll notice “Access point” will be in white allowing you to open it.

9. Disable Proxy (I don’t know if it would be needed, I think not anyways)

10.  Click on “Bearer Settings

11. Make sure Access point is BLANK.

12. You don’t know to edit much just hit Back.

13. Now that “My Web” or your personal configuration is made, you can use it as your default “Access Point“.

14. Make it as default access point by going to  “Default config. settings

15. Simply choose your made Personal Config there, highlight it, click Options (left button) then “Set as Default“.

16. Once made default, it should work. Hehe, also make sure you click on “Make default in all applications” so you can use other online services such as chat, etc.

You do the same thing by choosing your network’s GPRS/MMS settings or access point when you’re out and you want to browse stuff without wifi.

Well, I it’s not that clear and there are no screenies because I’m lazy to look for my application I used to have for capturing Nokia S40 phone screenshots. But I think it’s clear enough! Hope this helps. Yay Nokia S40!

Some applications, you just need to explore (like UCWEB Browser) It lets you choose an access point with its settings. Have a nice day!

Credits: Symbianize.com I found there a thread about the personal config thingy and also Christian for lending me his Nokia C3 hoho!

Planning to get an Android Phone?

We had to buy another set or “pair sim cards” because I lost the ones we bought some weeks ago – I think I have it included to my trash bin when I was cleaning and organizing the room. Now, I can’t discard any of my sim cards because with one of them, I use it for business reasons (actually now 2 of them lol) then one of them I have used for already almost 4 years.

So even though, I was planning to buy a laptop sooner I think that shall pass for now since I’m not even half way the price of my dream laptop -,-

Anyway, since someone who owes me some money and she claims she will be paying I instead, plan to buy an Android Phone! I am curious of the features of an Android phone, now that I know how iOs devices work, I want to shift to another operating system or platform for phones. I’m not throwing away my iPod Touch, no way! Haha but it’s also that my dad is playing Angry Birds which keeps me from playing my favorite game, Bakery Story.

The said game I am hooked into is available in Android, so now, this is what made me more want an Android phone, not to mention the other cool features it has that iOS devices doesn’t have. I want to know those, as a techie (of some sort) and a gadget lover.

I’m choosing between Samsung S5570 and Samsung i5503 (not sure if I’m correct). Last time after buying Christian’s Nokia C3 I saw a peculiar Samsung phone and as far as I remember it was Samsung i500! It was worth about 5k PHP to 6k PHP. Well, I hope I was right in recalling and if so I hope it is still on sale. LASTLY I DO HOPE THAT PERSON WILL PAY ME ALREADY, she owes the money for 6 months almost now.

Well, if I can’t go with those I can always go with the cheapest android phones I saw one as low as 4 to 5k PHP however, I want to try Samsung as I know they’re good. I have too much Nokia Phones as well. How I wish this plan will push through because I am very excited.