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You Know you’re a domainaholic when…

There are obvious symptoms when you are a domainaholic and so I’m sharing this today just to make you aware if you’re wondering. What really are the clues if you are indeed a domainaholic?

  • You have a list of ideas for domains – Every now and then you get ideas for websites and domains you wish pursue for different reasons. You never run out of to-buy-lists for your ideas.
  • You know domain promos here and there – You know where to buy the cheapest, where to get the latest promos some are even received straight to your email!
  • You can think of a domain name anytime at anywhere – when you find out any domain promo you can think of a domain name to buy instantly – no buts, you just buy it anyway even if you just came up with it.
  • You’re familiar with every domain registrar – Godaddy, Yahoo! Domains, Register.com, Namecheap and many more. You follow them via all social networks to get updated with their latest promos.
  • You’ve got a visa card – Because promos are mostly payable through this payment gateway.
  • You simply know reasons to love domains, even if you don’t use them much
Can you tell if you’re one?

Namecheap .IN domain promo – $2.48 for the first year!

Today, despite that I have been already rehabilitated with my domain addiction I was so tempted to buy a .in domain because of Namecheap‘s promo.

.IN only for $2.48!

.IN only for $2.48!

So, if you guys are looking for domain promo codes, having a .in domain won’t be that bad – for a change!

Better check namecheap.com right now!

7 Truths About Going Online

So far, I have been online for almost 4 to 5 years of my life (estimated). I’m not saying that I’m a pro, but I’d like to share what I’ve been through and my thoughts about the online world!

#1: Looks can fool you

There are two scenarios that this applies:

a. Pictures of your so called “online friends” – call me protective but there are times that I make really sure the person adding me in Facebook and other social networking websites are for real. At least, I check pictures. There are hundreds of posers and fake sicko people in social networking websites so you better be aware!

b. Websites – Layouts looking professional and good? Well NOT ALL OF THEM ARE TO BE TRUSTED. I’ve been to INSTANT DEPLOY and I’ve experienced great doom.

#2 On Shopping Online…

You should not just buy as soon as you see you see the item on ebay (or any other store) it is best you contact the seller FIRST. Be-friend them, this way they will feel you’re both somehow connected. Then, if there will be problems you’ll find it easy to ask for help.

#3 On Website Hosting

Right now, I have 6 different Hosting sites for my websites. LoL. But yeah, here are my tips on choosing website hosting:


b. Uptime is important, at least 90% is okay!

c. Nothing is UNLIMITED with online hosting, but then you can assume they are UNLIMITED!

#4 On Buying Domains

If you like buying domains, just like in buying stuff COUPONS are your weapons. In Godaddy, I get a lot of $1.17 – $1.18 Domains, however PATIENCE is a must. Same with Namecheap!

#5 On Joining Contests!

I have joined several contests and so far I’ve won about three times. I haven’t won hard cash though. BUT it doesn’t mean joining contests isn’t fun. In fact, by joining a lot of contests you get greater chances of winning because perseverance can make you win! Trying and trying makes you inevitable!

#6 Trust no one

Do not give out important things about you OR important details such as passwords, real life stories or so not that I don’t share my life to my online friends. BUT there are PEOPLE WHO WILL USE THIS AGAINST YOU because along the way, like in real life there will be ONLINE FRIENDS who will fool you, use you and stab you in the back. Been there – SAD I KNOW, but life is like that.

#7 You can’t go online 24/7

Most of people think I can go online 24/7. Well that’s not NORMAL! Haha I guess, for me. Sometimes however, it is good you take “OFF” from going online to reflect on things going on your offline life. Sometimes, going online can be to much especially if you’re thinking about too many things.

New Namecheap Tag line

Yet again, I transferred a domain to Namecheap. Too bad I didn’t transfer it during their $4 USD transfer Promo!

Namecheap - Address your life!

But here’s what I noticed, they have a new tag line! And it’s “Address your life!” I figured somebody won their tag line contest a long time ago. I tried to join there, but I guess I’m not really that lucky when it comes to contests. Then again, it is indeed catchy. The guy won $1000 for only three words, isn’t that just…WOW.

I just hope they’ll have another domain giveaway contest! That alone can already make me happy.

Transfer to Namecheap now for $3.99!

Yuz, after Namecheap’s Superbowl Trivia contest, another happy news is around. Namecheap transfer is lowered to $3.99 so grab this chance to transfer your domains to Namecheap, for only almost $4 flat!

Namecheap.com - Get your domains!

Why transfer to Namecheap.com

  1. They have free who.is guard for the first year.
  2. Transferring means 1 year extension for your domain!
  3. You can join their domain credits giveaway, win some credits and use them for your domain renewals!
  4. Their website interface is not confusing, you can do anything easily and quickly!
  5. They’re approachable via Twitter!

So, what are you waiting for? Transfer now! I’ve transferred two domains to them for only $7.49!

Amazing right? Transfer your domains too just by putting coupon “BYEBYEGD”

Yeah, I loled because of the coupon, but it saves you a lot!

Edit: Transfer promo is extended up to Feb 08, 2011. Don’t miss the chance to transfer to NC!