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Namecheap .IN domain promo – $2.48 for the first year!

Today, despite that I have been already rehabilitated with my domain addiction I was so tempted to buy a .in domain because of Namecheap‘s promo.

.IN only for $2.48!

.IN only for $2.48!

So, if you guys are looking for domain promo codes, having a .in domain won’t be that bad – for a change!

Better check namecheap.com right now!

Namecheap Superbowl Trivia 2011!

Remember how addicted I was to Namecheap’s Christmas Trivia? Well, they have another trivia contest that’s going on! Unfortunately, I was not able to start from Question #1 because I had classes to attend.

Namecheap Winners

The picture above is not final yet, just the Question #11. I hope I win again so I can have more domain credits! Yay! Haha, I’m thinking of transferring soon, watch out because I will tell you why. Namecheap has a lot of surprises already, what’s up Godaddy? Well, they just changed their layout – maybe they have something, hopefully a $1.17 domain sale! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that 🙂

Godaddy vs. Namecheap?

I’ve a domain addict or what they also refer to as “Domainaholic“. I have experienced getting scammed because of it, but of all domain registrars my favorites are Godaddy and Namecheap. But which is the best?

Let’s learn about Godaddy

What’s great with Godaddy?

1. Coupons

I love, love coupons from Godaddy so much! The best ones are the $0.99 coupons. Hence, you can save up to $10 with one domain or even more. You can also transfer your domains from another registrar with that same price. But they occasionally give out these kinds of coupon codes – about 2 times a month? If you have a good source to find this codes, you’re lucky. They only come out once in a while. And when they’re not available, you can save up to $3 because of other coupons which make your domain renewal or buying domain become $7.00+ instead of the usual $10 and above. Namecheap offers that too but you save more with Godaddy. Just a reminder, coupons that can save you as low as $10 always have to be paid through a VISA/Credit Card! So, it’s better you have one. Always make sure you turn off auto renewal!

2. The Fancy Interface

I believe all domain registrar have fancy websites, but Godaddy has the most fancy one! They even have what they refer to as “Godaddy Girls” I could be one of them (I wish)

3. The Freebies

They have other services that come along with your purchases for free. They’re pretty neat! Just make sure you cancel them once your free service ends because it can crash your credit/debit cards!

4. Domain Management

You can set up name servers for your domain easily, either you create your own or put a ready name server. It’s within your domain’s page unlike with others that you have to click to get to other pages.

5. The Fame

Right now, I believe Godaddy is the most known registrar. But then again.

There’s Namecheap!

Namecheap has a lot of perks that can beat Godaddy’s coupons and freebies. Let’s name some!

1. Contests

As far as I know, people love Namecheap because they offer fun contests! This November, I joined one wherein you just show off your pet’s picture. I didn’t win but I was given domain credits as a consolation prize. That’s already something for me! And I bet for you too. Currently, they have two contests running this December and so many people are awake and alive at twitter because of them.

2. Better Freebies

For me, Namecheap beats Godaddy because they offer free who.is guard! That’s something Godaddy doesn’t offer, if they do I think it would be from another coupon.

3. Namecheap, is affordable

Might sound pricey if you compare to others, but remember, they offer the free Who.Is guard unlike others. Plus some of their domains are cheaper compared to others.

4. Approachable!

Namecheap staff is highly approachable, well, I don’t really know I haven’t tried talking to Godaddy’s twitter and Facebook, but I know more people love Namecheap because they’re friendly.

5. Fast loading website

I must say Godaddy’s website is fancy, but because of that the load time takes a few minutes later than how Namecheap’s website loads. There are times that irritates me.

These are my honest opinions, and they’re based on my experience. How about you guys? What do you think?

Share your own thought by checking them out -> godaddy.com and namecheap.com