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Your gadgets and music combined

Nowadays, it’s probably a must to be with your gadgets or your smartphones – they keep you sane during boring times and when you want to relax a little. But did you know it can be much more fun with music to pair up with it.

Gadgets and music combined

Gadgets and music combined

The evans emad resonant 24 is one example. What you can do with your gadgets and music is to maybe create your own kind of music with the applications such as Garage Band and the likes. You can even cover your favourite songs and share them world wide through video streaming websites. Who knows, you might even become popular.

Just like technology you can do so much with music too and it can start with a simple click!

Creating your music digitally

Nowadays there are many ways to do your own records – which is really great for those who are looking into becoming artists. They can finally use their skills in music without having to pay a manager and a studio when they can just do it at home.

One application that does this pretty well is Audacity. It’s a free software used for mixing up music you’ve made and there are many more. Premium ones like Adobe Sound booth are also great.

While you’re thinking of a good music to make though, getting the best digitech bad monkey is a rather good idea for you.

Looking forward Starmobile Diamond V7

While grand brands like Samsung and Apple are up to the challenge of providing advanced smartphones every now and then, many local brands are also providing the same thing with lower costs giving way for at least some savings for our pockets.

Speaking of, recently, Starmobile released another unit called Starmobile Knight,  followed by Starmobile Diamond V3. Both run on quad core processors, high-end lcd that is very sturdy and other good spec details.

Even so, the most interesting among all of these is the Starmobile Diamond V7 for its battery which is 2600 mAh. That’s definitely something for a keeper.

The only problem now is their price because compared to Cherry Mobile they’re pricier, then again, their technical support is mostly better compared to CM.

For my friend however, he’s going to pass on mobile phones and focus on other things that keep him occupied such as music – and he’s getting tenor sax at musicians friend. I’ve got to admit he’s got a point, at some time, you will get tired of the mobile phone adventure as I have :/

When not on your computer

Too much computer isn’t a good habit. So why not have other things to keep you busy? There are so much to do in this world! Many things can keep you busy other than the awesome gadgets lying there.

One good example is by spending time creating music with the proper find keyboard stand because it practices your skills with listening and playing music. You might want to try some sports as well, that way, you’re not just sitting lazily all day.

Pumping the music up : Gear up with a good headphone!

Music can never be what it is without being heard. However, we don’t really know so much about good headphones that we can pair up with our gadgets.

Choosing the best headphones

Choosing the best headphones

While you can find some cheap ones online, we can also find others that are of good quality. We can find musicians friend akg headphones and many more that can give us so much more that just what music actually provide – the real sound that can make us dance, cry, or even shout our hearts out as we listen to our favorite songs.