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A summary of my experience with Power Mac Center

I finally got my Mac Book Air last July 15, 2013 after having it repaired since May 25, 2013. Imagine the long wait I had to do and the patience I discovered I had.

My Mac Book Air, finally home!

My Mac Book Air, finally home!

When I first handed my Mac Book Air after its failure to boot-up following my update – I really thought it was in good hands. Well, it was, but perhaps the slowest good hands. I gave it on a Saturday because I had no way of doing so on a weekday, I even though I’d get it the same day but apparently technicians were not around during weekends.

Along the way of waiting I asked my mom to call them up for checking – apparently, it will take me about a month because they had some “issue” with the customs thats delaying all repairs. That was just great, I was so worried and anxious all the time.

I did get a text from them when my MBA underwent check up to see what was wrong ONCE. But ater some time, I decided to let it be since we were told to wait and I didn’t hear anymore from them. Fortunately, around June we also had our telephone installed at home so I figured I should try to call them one of these days. I did and what do you know, I was told – that they haven’t done really much despite that message they gave that they have “fixed” their issues with the customs! I was told that I’d have to wait longer until the Apple ships it to their store (while it was already in the country). That took about another week. By this time, it was already almost just a week until July.

On July, I finally received a message from them my MBA was undergoing repair and diagnosis BUT it had to go undergo quality assurance. This alone took another two weeks and..finally on July 15th, I claimed it. I had to wait for some days because they got it fixed on a weekday.

Overall: I am seriously disappointed. In all honestly, they only did something whenever I emailed their support email furiously. For another, they named my MBA to one of their technicians probably. Not a big deal for some but you know, don’t you think naming “Your Mac” a customer’s mac is a bit off 😛

Two months of my warranty is now gone as well and I heard extending this is pricier. I hope Power Mac Center can somehow improve a bit now that they don’t have so called issues with the customs! It’s good they fixed my MBA, not on timely manner though. I guess I should let that slip.

When I claimed it, I also didn’t get any detailed explanation not even warnings – I had to ask myself regarding the updates. It appears I should just not update my MBA no matter how sometimes, it might be essential. I was too used to Windows but I guess it’s fine, I’ll just hide the updates I may not need anyway.

Nifty Minidrive

Slim, light-weight and fast – these are the words that describe a Mac Book Air. It’s indeed true that this portable computer can do wonders in so many ways.

But what could be more better than getting more diskspace for your Mac Book Air? While they maybe upgrade-able that is only one time and that is during the time you purchase it. Unfortunately not everyone can afford that expense of upgrade as well so many simply buy the one with no upgrades.

Here’s a good news though, some awesome guys have come up with The Nifty MiniDrive!

The Nifty MiniDrive

The Nifty MiniDrive

This isn’t new, although it’s just recently that your humble web girl found out about it. It’s pretty cool that we can upgrade as much as 64 gb if we wanted to.

Sadly, it’s not available anymore although apparently there are plans of shipping again in August (not sure if it’s this year but I hope so!) You can find out more information through their website: The Nifty MiniDrive

What did you get for Christmas?

While I was pretty much MIA these Christmas days, I got many unexpected gifts. Of course, gadgets. I bet the same goes for others too. So, what did you get this Christmas?

Mac Book Air!

Mac Book Air!

I got a Mac Book Air 13’3 2012 from dad and mom. I added some amount of money to since I’d feel bad if they spent so much for me. So far I’m loving this baby, but I haven’t used it much since I don’t have much time these days. But on weekends, the fun happens.

Coby MID 7048-G

Coby MID 7048-G

Coby MID 7048-G is an android tablet my boyfriend gave to me. It’s easy to bring with me and it keeps me company whenever on my way home at the FX. I love playing games here too, it’s a bit sad some games won’t work though but I really like this little dude and its great with reading eBooks as well.

I didn’t really expect I’d get these stuff but I guess I was a good girl this 2012. Heehee. So, how about you? 🙂

I hope I can somehow write reviews on this and my other babies I haven’t posted about! I had so much going on my life I’ve been disconnected to online world lately. So sorry.

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