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Plans in life

Life has never been easy. One way or another there will be trials and this is what makes us stronger.

And in life, we have dreams. One which we want to turn into reality such as getting our dream home and making it have the best outdoor patio flooring and decorations.

To reach those dreams though, the best would be to keep calm and think happily – so for now plan out your lives ahead. Plans do not always work though but then again, God always gives what’s for you so not to worry 🙂

Anyway the wind blows in…

Lately, I haven’t been feeling really well about things. I easily get sick, I easily get pissed off, I think about so many things -but in the end I just quit and sleep everything away.

But I don’t want to get old because of these stuff. I still need to get a decent cheap life insurance or a not so cheap one? Haha. Why am I thinking of it?

It’s just that sometimes, I want (and I think we all do) to plan things out so they’ll work out. But I guess sometimes, we should just let it flow just like how the wind blows.

Like in the song, “Anyway the wind blows in..

What do you want in life?

There comes a point in your life when you feel like you want something new, something different or something that’s out of the shell. Once in awhile – you want something that’s unusual. And that’s how I kind of feel at the moment.

I guess. For so long I really am frustrated, but if you really wish to like they say you can be anything and you can do anything. You can always be just like famous stars, sitting pretty with their alec bradley cigars. Maybe, you can be doctor who save lifes.

Well, I’m getting dramatic. I just don’t know what to write anymore. Or, if I will still be writing here. Only God knows.


To be successful in life is everyone’s achievement. However, this is a word that’s easy to say yet very hard to obtain. It takes a almost a lifetime and a lot of hard work.th

But the good thing is, it’s all worth it! So, if you are confused, don’t be! For starters, checking out a personal trainer certification program may be a good plan because it would help you a lot in learning, mastering peace of mind and controlling your life in a way that you’ll learn how to discipline yourself.

I know it’s hard, but I swear – hard work pays off and you will be surprised with God’s surprises for those who try their best in fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. So, I hope this piece of advise of mine somehow helped you =)

Reckless Truck Drivers

There are times I don’t like riding vehicles and this is when my dad drives the car recklessly. I don’t know,it’s just that sometimes he drives to fast and also scary. But the again I know there are others who are worse drivers than him, then worse.

I heard about Houston Truck Accident Attorney from a friend who told me how her uncle was badly hurt during an accident because of a car accident. It was because of a reckless truck driver who was drunk. Well, thank God he got to the hospital and was able to recover in months.

It’s sad but it’s the truth that there are really people who take advantage of having a “big truck” and they don’t value life as much as the others do.