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KakaoTalk Philippines

And so, finally, KakaoTalk is on track with Line and WeChat! I still secretly wish they chose Kim Chiu and Xian Lim as their models though. They’ve chosen Sarah G. as their model.


Along with this introduction to the Philippines, they are also running contests that will win you goodies! Just follow instructions from the welcome message from Event Kakaotalk and you can win Kakaotalk Friends plushies and Kakaotalk anicons.

Their commercial is already out as well, starring Sarah G. and Kpop stars (sorry, not a fan of Kpop stars but they’re apparently Big Bang).

And I can’t seem to get over the cute message and ring tone of Kakaotalk and that it’s finally here in PH after so long!

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Kakaotalk for PC

About 2 months ago, Viber officially released their desktop application which is also available for Mac users. How it didn’t bother me much because I honestly don’t use Viber after I became a user of Kakaotalk.

Today, they also announced that Kakaotalk is now also available for desktop users! It was a great news to wake up to. I just downloaded it as well and I must say it’s nice to finally get your Kakaotalk chat/updates when your phone is away.

Kakaotalk on PC

Kakaotalk on PC



It’s like a dream come true to me. What I notice however is that the smileys are still limited. Well, it was just their first official release so I look forward changes and updates in the future. Way to go, time to Katalk now folks! Download Kakaotalk on your PC now!

WeChat, you chat!

Sorry for the lame title. Anyway, most of you guys have probably signed up for this other message/chat service called WeChat. Before I only saw this as ad on most of the applications I have on my Android phone, to the point that I found it already annoying – but lately, it’s become the “trend” as they released a commercial locally here in Philippines.



Like Viber, Kakaotalk, Kik, Skype, Yahoo messenger, BBM and many more – WeChat is an application that helps you communicate with your friends and family through your wifi or mobile internet as if you were just sending SMS to each other. There are also some perks, voice talk, stickers and the likes.

You can also get it for free and it’s available at Playstore – most of all it’s cross platform! Blackberry, iOS and Windows can also run this application. And that’s why WeChat is awesome.

However, if you’re into cutesy things and KPOP I still prefer Kakaotalk.