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iPod upgrade!

It’s probably late. But I’ve decided to upgrade my iPod to the latest version and disregard jailbreak for now. I want to try how to live without it for once although it’ll probably tough because I’ve been used to the tweaks and fun stuff Cydia offers. I didn’t make a list either as there were some I didn’t want to be installed again, usually, I install too much lol. I wish Cydia would make a ‘paid’ section for you to find out tweaks you’ve bought so far (I can’t remember if there’s any anymore as I haven’t touched my iPod that much either)

I also wanted to upgrade so I can finally sync songs because I need music in my life! I haven’t been listening to music making me be tensed most of the times, lack of relaxation or so. It’s the best alternative while I cannot get guitar kits from musicians friend and can’t play the guitar, oh my poor guitar!

iOS 6.1 for iOS Devices

A few days ago, iOS 6.1 has been released in public. Coming from iOS 5.1.1 and iOS 5.0.3 (because I can’t remember which one I was last on) it was a really big change.

iOS 6.1, update or not?

iOS 6.1, update or not?

Indeed, Apple has done it again. They’ve finally applied some things that used to be only available for those who are jailbroken. Speaking of Jailbreak, it was also announced that it will come this Sunday and that this latest update will be accommodated. This has triggered a number of iOS users to update after so long because everyone’s just really waiting for that untethered jailbreak.

credits: http://www.macorg.net/

Cydia Packages for June 2012

So, I’m going to upgrade now to iOS 5.1.1 because I read from Wordjelly works fine now with the latest OS. It’s becoming laggy again as well. Actually, every time I upgrade or restore it becomes laggy. But well I hope that could be just one of my Cydia Tweaks. Lately, I haven’t been really using my iOS device much. Since I am always busy doing other things. And sleepy. Well, here it goes!

Action Menu

Action Menu Plus Pack


Airplane SBSettings Toggle





Apple Wifi iOS 5

Appsync for iOS 5.0+



Bigboss Icon Set

Bug Fix: Duplication Icons

Bug Fix: Stuck Pages



Cellular Wifi Bars


Color Keyboard

Custom NoNewsLabel

Custom Grid

Cydia Installer

Cydia Translations


Dashboard X

Default HD SBSettings


Download Reminder

Fabius Utils


Hackulous Resources

Home Page in Safari





Installous 5

Invisible Folders

Invisible Status Bar

JailbreakGoodies Zeppelin..



Lilly Font

Mobile Substrate


Music Widget for Dashboard X

Nadia Serif Font



OpenNotifier Premium Pack



PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPod


Pull to Refresh for Mail

Repo Icons

Rich Text for Mail

Safari Unibar


Serious SBSettings HD


Sophie Font

Source GUI



Substrate Safe Mode

Sue Ellen Francisco Font

Swipe for Mail


xSellize Security



Wow, that’s a lot. I copied everything in my installed packages. Now, time to restore 😉

I put in italic those that I’m thinking to not install and also striked those I plan to not install at all.

Should I Jailbreak?


Apparently, I can already jailbreak my Ipod Touch 4th Generation iOS 4.3.3. Jailbreakme 3.0 is out in public (jailbreakme.com) Now I’ve been fighting with my thoughts on jail breaking and preserving my love for Apple. But then again, jailbreaking would really give me lots of more access to cooler things i.e. themes, and applications.

My problem is the warranty though. Since I bought my iPod with my hard earned money I feel scared I might ruin everything lol! But anyway. What do you think?

Others say it went smoothly while for others it didn’t, but in majority it was fine. I know, I’m making things complicated! Haha!